About Us

Club InsideOut is a fun, after-school program for young girls in grades 3 to 8. It is designed to empower and enlighten young girls with a strong sense of self, providing life skills to shine confidently from the inside out.
Club InsideOut draws inspiration from the Chambered Nautilus, a unique sea creature known for its evolving nature of growing from the inside out; outgrowing its space at each stage to gain a bigger and better form.

Meet The Founders

Club Inside out was founded by a mother-daughter trio who wanted to empower other girls with the lessons they learn from their own process of self discovery.


If you couldn’t tell by her awesome hair, Aurélie is the energy of Club InsideOut. She is a proud competitive fencer, and is all about having fun!


Ruby wuz here



What We Stand For

The Chambered Nautilus is the perfect metaphor for the purpose of Club Inside Out. It is a unique sea creature that outgrows each the inside of its shell in each life cycle, and in the end creature a beautifully layered shell. This is exactly what we aim to teach young girls. Our girl is to empower them to discover themselves, to be mindful as they go through different transitions, and to exercise self love. We give them all of the tools they need for better emotional and physical health.

See Us In Action


A healthy mind can concentrate well and do everything. Get "bendy" with fun yoga games and flows centered around the various character strengths. No experience necessary to get with this flow! We stretch, we bend, and have a blast improving focus, balance, body image and overall strength.

Art Activities

Create a personal work of art to reflect your inner strengths, goals and dreams. Display your artwork boldly as a reminder of your strength and beauty from the InsideOut.


Take time to breathe and reflect!
Write, draw or doodle whatever you feel inside, in your own personal journal. Keeping a journal is a great way to learn about yourself from the InsideOut.

Contact Us

  • (415) 515-7378
  • hello@clubinsideout.com


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