Beauty InsideOut Camp

Girls empowerment summer camp

We empower girls to be their own kind of beautiful!

Let’s face it, the world sees and judges girls based on outward appearance. If we don’t fit society’s current definition of “Beauty,” (and it changes all the time) we feel we are “not good enough” and that’s just flat-out wrong! Beauty InsideOut camp is designed to breakdown those lies and teach the true definition of beauty from the InsideOut.

This camp empowers girls with a strong sense of self and confidence built from strength of character. Strong character builds confidence. Self-confidence is beautiful. Once you discover your true beauty, you’ll work to create your personal “fashion line” and flaunt it on the runway at the Beauty InsideOut fashion show!

Strong character builds confidence; self-confidence is beautiful!

At camp, we’ll discover our top three character-strengths through a scientifically proven analysis. These three strengths will represent the foundation of our personal beauty. Each girl, will work with three basic elements to create a simple design that represents that character of beauty for their “fashion line” of character.

As a final piece in the fashion line, girls will work with a Beauty InsideOut fashion designer to create design that combines all three strengths of character in to one up-cycled outfit which uniquely represents your personal beauty.

Sound fun? Terrifying? It will be both and that’s what’s exciting! We’ll spend all week having fun together and creating a powerful community of girls who support and encourage each other throughout the entire process. By the end of the week, even the shyest of kittens will walk like a lioness in the strength of her beauty!

Ready to join the Camp?

Elementary: July 29th-August 2nd

Middle School: August 5th-9th

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